DR. SCOTT NEIL is a nationally recognized expert in the area of school turnaround, with a focus on Data-Driven Instruction and the development of positive school cultures that foster student and teacher efficacy.

With a PhD in Educational Leadership and 14 years of school and district leadership experience in urban education, Scott has led the turnaround of five different urban schools in Florida over his 25-year career in education. He has also worked with over 50 schools and districts across ten states in both rural and urban settings.


Dr. Neil has spent the past five years working as a national subject matter expert, training facilitators, and principal coaches with the national nonprofit organization New Leaders, whose mission is to prepare educators to become transformational school principals across eleven cities within the United States.

Bringing a unique combination of deep experience as both a practitioner and researcher in the field of school leadership within high poverty school settings, Scott has trained and mentored over 300 principals and 400 emerging school leaders over the course of his career.

LEAD180 is built on a five-step framework that creates sustainable change in schools. This system has been proven time and time again to not only improve test scores, but the school’s overall climate.

LEAD180’s strategic approach is the key to lasting results.

Leaders who get results know that change requires focused management to be sustainable. Work with your team to devise a plan to make sure your next change is a lasting one. Check out our Framework for Sustained Change for a set of guiding questions to help your team through the change process.

LEAD180 believes finding root causes for past successes or failures is key. When you know what strengths and weaknesses your team has, you can better build on its strengths and know how to avoid mistakes in the future.

Creating a plan to clearly show how changes will be implemented and sharing it with your team is LEAD180’s next step to sustainable change. Strive to hit smaller goals that can be measured in weeks and months, and find ways to provide data showing progress.

Once a plan has been created, implement it with a concerted effort to provide constant communication with your team. LEAD180 believes sustainable change cannot happen without clear, constant communication among team players. Work with your team to proactively identify obstacles, giving them time to create a strategy to overcome challenges.
LEAD180’s next step to sustainable change is finding a way to measure progress. Gathering data with surveys and focus groups provides an accurate measurement on how you’re progressing. Once collected, share the data with your team and offer support where it’s needed the most.

The last — but possibly most important — step to sustainable change is taking time for reflection. LEAD180 believes deep reflection is crucial to sustainable change. Find time to reflect on your progress after reaching a major milestone. This is a great opportunity to celebrate victories and discuss adjustments with your team.