LEAD180’s Instructional Planning Toolkit (IPT) is a powerful tool that can help solve the achievement gap problem within College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS).

The IPT is the heart of LEAD180’s Core Concept of Alignment. This Toolkit is the blueprint to successfully plan and align instruction for students within CCRS. LEAD180’s IPT also offers a guide to educators who are required to align with CCRS in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Simply put, this Toolkit makes preparing for CCRS much easier and saves precious time by pulling essential planning tools you need into one, easy-to-reach place. The digital IPT — an interactive PDF that is compatible with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app — works with tablets and smart phones. Every piece of information you need for any standard and target aligned to CCRS will be a touch away on your device.

How It Works

This Toolkit breaks down required standards and organizes them in a way that makes them easy to teach. Targeted support from the Toolkit is given to teachers right as they begin preparing their lessons. The Toolkit also provides suggested questions and teaching strategies to ensure a sufficient diversity and variety is given to help students achieve their goals, moving toward the intended mastery of each standard within each subject.

After using the IPT, teachers will better understand and plan more effectively for the rigor and intent of each unpacked ELA and Mathematics CCRS.

Focus on End Results Rather than Means

College and Career Readiness Standards puts an emphasis on required achievements, but it doesn’t dictate exactly how teachers and school leaders should accomplish them. This gives teachers the freedom to give students whatever tools and knowledge they think is most helpful in meeting the goals set by CCRS. LEAD180’s IPT also provides guidance for teachers, collaborative teams, schools and districts on how to plan for mastering CCRS requirements.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

While CCRS provides specific expectations in reading, writing, speaking, listening and language, each standard doesn’t have to be a separate focus for instruction and assessment. Often, several standards can be taught in a single task. LEAD180’s IPT provides guidance by suggesting paired standards to build focus and coherence in instruction and assessment.

Get Started Today

LEAD180’s IPT is a valuable resource to help you align your instruction and save valuable planning time. It’s not intended to be an end-all-be-all solution, but it can be the end of your CCRS worries and the beginning of something beautiful.

Our ELA K-8 version is now available for you to purchase with a Single School license. To purchase a district or state license, please email